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Gas Installations

With over 30 years’ experience in the gas industry, you can rest assured that when you have an appliance installed by a Western Gas installer, you are in the very best and safest hands.

A basic domestic gas line installation cost may vary considerably, depending on your requirements.  

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Certificate of Compliance (COC)

Gas Installations & Certificate of Compliance (COC) for:

Gas Stoves
Gas Hobs
LP Gas Pipes & Fittings

Gas Geysers
Gas Hotplates
LP Gas Regulators

Gas Fire Places
Gas Braai
LPG Pigtails

LPG Emergency shut off Valves

Certificate of Conformity (COC)

Gas Maintenance & Certificate of Conformity (COC) for:

Leak Testing
Fault Finding

Purging Line
Pressure Testing

LPG Pigtails
LPG Regulators

Gas Services

Gas Cylinder Sales (9kg, 14kg, 19kg, 48kg)
Gas Cylinder Deliveries – limited areas within Johannesburg
Gas Cylinder Exchanges
Gas Cylinder Refills

Gas Installation Regulations

If you already have a gas line installed but aren’t sure whether it is compliant or safe, see below for a diagram of safety regulations to consider, or Contact us for our professional opinion.

Diagram For Gas Installation
Take Note of the following:

  • Any electrical motors and switches must have a distance of 5m
  • Only Class 1 or 2 copper piping can be used – not the piping or sealant that is used in plumbing
  • All copper pipes running through a wall or partition must be sleeved
  • Flexible hose may not be more than 2m in length and may not run through any partitioning or on the outside
  • Cylinders can stand against a boundary wall which must be a firewall (2-bricks thick) and 1.8metres high with an electric fence
  • A gas installation cannot be installed in a garage
  • All materials used are SABS & SANAS approved

Installations are done according to SANS 10087

Whether you need a single or a multi installation, your peace of mind is important to us. Understanding that your needs change, such as adding on a fireplace or geyser will not mean doing a complete new installation.

Needless to say that adding an additional point means we only have to tap into the existing line – saving you money.



Please find below a list of commonly asked questions. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us:

Q: If I want to change my hob, would the gas canister feeding the appliance have to remain outside, or would it be acceptable to have inside?

A: Yes. But you are only allowed to have one 9KG cylinder in the cupboard that is ventilated.

Q: Do gas appliances have to be installed by a specialist, or can a layman (like my hubby who thinks he can do it all) do the installation?

A: No! It has to be installed by a Registered LPG installer. To find out if your installer is registered please visit . If your hubby has already attempted an installation and you’re a bit concerned about just how safe it is – feel free to give us a ring and we’ll come fix what he did

Q: How does one ensure that the service provider hired to install the appliance is certified to do so?

A: You can ask the installer for his LPG license card or you can check if he is registered on the LPG Association’s website –

Q: If I have a leak or gas smell what do I do?

A: Shut off the emergency valve and close the cylinder. Phone your installer to come have a look and repair it for you

Did you know??

When selling your home, it is now a requirement that you have a gas certificate of compliance (COC) if you have ANY gas appliance installed

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